My Approach

The Three Principles

In 1973 Sydney Banks, an ordinary working man, with minimal education, had an extraordinary enlightening experience; an experience of such depth.

This profound experience uncovered the power to change the fields of psychology and psychiatry through an approach now called The Three Principles, and in doing so, to help alleviate the needless suffering of humanity. 

Word of this mysterious man, who had the power to guide people to their own wisdom and thus to a healthier psychological state, rippled out into the larger community. 

100% of your experience of life is created from within yourself

That is, contrary to the way things appear, the only way the human experience can unfold is from the inside-out.  No exceptions.  The system only works one way.  And the clarity of our seeing that underpins the way we handle absolutely every situation in our lives.

Whether the “monsters” we face in our lives seem to be made of money, health challenges, relationships, work issues, or even things that happened to us in the past, the same is true for us.  The more we understand the principles behind how our experience of life is being created moment by moment, the more freedom and creativity we will have in how we operate in the world.

What are The Three Principles?

(Universal) Mind is the energy and the intelligence behind all life. 

Thought is the (divine gift) or (the principle) serving us immediately at birth and giving each of us a moment to moment experience of life and our own unique realities

Consciousness is the principle that brings our thinking to life through our five senses and allows us to be aware of life.