I was really unsure before starting life coaching as found it a little daunting however I was amazed at how much I benefited from carolines informal video chats she put me at complete ease after my first session it has helped in so many aspects of my life, from day to day simple things too past trauma, anxiety and depression without the need to self medicate or seek medical help can’t thank her enough anyone thinking of using this service I would highly recommend. I have gotten more from this in 3 weeks than any other services I have used in the past, be it counselling or group therapy. 5 star caring easy going informal and non judgemental totally paced around your situation and lifestyle


I have known Caroline for over 30 years and it has been a privilege to see her growth and development. Having run her own successful business for 15 years she relishes new challenges, most recently in NLP and the 3 Principles to support people in personal development with coaching, and her voluntary work helping the homeless in Watford and Slough. Caroline strives to make a difference, using her influence to launch a bespoke innate health homelessness programme for which she has received a McVety Research Support Award. She continues to drive towards her ultimate goal of changing the lives of struggling individuals and her contribution to help end homelessness. This woman truly inspires me and never ceases to amaze me on a daily basis!


I’m still in touch with Caroline after five years after I worked for her. The reason I am, is because I have found her to be a positive influence, very approachable and a role model. She has an optimistic outlook on life and helped me improve my Personal Training Business, with original strategies and by changing my mindset. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I have known Caroline for over 20 years and worked for her in the first few years of our relationship. She is a fantastic mentor and is diligent and fastidious in all she does. Caroline puts 100% into her goals and other people’s and has the attitude that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to .. I would not hesitate to recommend and have done previously.


Caroline has a love for life which is infectious. She is passionate about helping people and her coaching is second to none. Thanks to Caroline her clients are transforming their lives. Many who are or have previously been homeless now have hope for a better life.


I was suffering from a lack of confidence and direction when it came to work . Caroline was very easy to talk she gave me some great advice that I had not even thought of . I would highly recommend.


I couldn’t have met Caroline at a better point in my life. My job wasn’t working out for me. My relationship was falling apart and I was tiered and exhausted trying to hold everything together whilst juggling the house and 3 kids. Eventually my relationship ended and I decided to leave my job. I felt so many different emotions and some days couldn’t see the wood through the trees. Caroline has been a god send. Always there when I need her at the other end of the phone. Listening to my tails of woe and helping me understand my emotions and why I am feeling the way I am. She had put a perspective on so many things for me and has been so supportive when at times I’ve felt I’m going crazy. She has picked me up and dusted me down and made me realise that what has happened is merely a change in direction, and not the end of the world. I feel empowered, and positive and ready to face my new challenges ahead and know I could not have done this without Caroline’s help. I would recommend this lady to everyone. She truly makes you feel in a better place

Gerrards Cross

Caroline was a pleasure to deal with providing excellent attention to detail with professional and thoughtful advice and guidance every step of the process.


I have known Caroline for a few years. In passing she mentioned that she she had been on life coaching courses. I have always been sceptical about these. Then I had personal/relationship problems. So I asked for Caroline’s advice. I said I was sceptical, well not anymore. She listened to me and gave me things to think about and it changed the way I looked at things. For once in my life it all made sense. Caroline has a love for life, is impartial and not judgemental. I recommend her highly